Magento SEO Guide - Do’s and Don'ts

With constantly evolving digital services and channels, the customer's interests and shopping trends are also evolving. The way customers performs online search is changing every day. So to stay ahead of your competitors in this age of omnichannel commerce, you need to create delightful contents, that keeps engage the online shoppers and enables them to purchase.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to hire SEO agencies, which actually does nothing except finding some flaws. Even you or an individual person can improve your site’s search engine visibility. Here are some tips to stay ahead of the constantly evolving world of SEO.


  • Write your own description.
  • Optimize your CMS pages.
  • Create an awesome blog and update regularly.
  • Include customer reviews.
  • Seize location-based opportunities.


  • Don’t rely on the manufacturer’s description.
  • Don’t go keyword crazy.
  • Don’t keep it simple.
  • Don’t just ‘set and forget’.

The “O” in SEO stands for “optimization.” It’s critical to continually analyze, measure, and optimize your SEO.


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